Cut Christmas Stress

cut christmas stress

 Cut Christmas Stress Christmas can be a very stressful time of year.  There are all the Christmas presents to shop for and wrap, cards to write, food to buy plus more social engagements than normal. Over the Christmas holiday itself there is the desire to create a “wonderful Christmas” However, for many the Christmas holiday […]

Fertility awareness

national fertility awareness week 2015

Fertility Awareness Fertility Awareness Week this year is from November 2 – 8th November 2015. The Infertility Network UK estimates that 1 in 6 couples have problems conceiving. For some people there may be a medical reason why they are failing to conceive but for many more their problems are put down as “unexplained”. This […]


This week is Migraine awareness week. A migraine is usually classified as a severe headache which is predominantly experienced as a throbbig pain at the front or side of the head. It may be accomponied by other symptoms such as nausea, vomiting and increased sensitivity to light or sound. A migraine can be debilitating and last for multiple days […]

Breech Presentation

Breech Presentation Breech Presentation:During pregnancy as the baby grows, there is less and less space in the uterus for the baby to move about in. Eventually the baby’s head becomes heavier than its bottom and at around 32 weeks the baby begins to sink down, head first into the pelvis and gets ready for birth. […]

feeling stressed trying to conceive

feeling stressed trying to conceive There has been a lot of talk recently about the impact of stress on fertility. A certain level of stress is normal and necessary for us to function. However in our fast paced technological world it is easy to become overloaded with work and responsibilities. So how can we lesson the […]

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