About Me

My aim for my clients

Angela Bushaway of Worcester AcupunctureMy name is Angela Bushaway and I am passionate about your health and well being. My aim is to help you to achieve your own unique balanced and healthy life.

I am a professional acupuncturist and shiatsu practitioner. My particular interest is in helping and supporting women. I seek to work with women throughout their lives: helping them on their fertility journey and also to transition through the menopause, so they can feel strong and centred.

How I came to Acupuncture

I originally trained as a nursery teacher.  Working with small children was really enjoyable but as my own children grew up I started to wonder about other possible career paths. So  I began to investigate complementary therapies and even enrolled on a basic aromotherapy course. This was very  interesting but I felt that being an aromotherapist wasn’t the right therapy.  A friend then introduced me to the wonders and delights of shiatsu. This felt much more me, especially as I had always been fascinated by all things oriental and had often dreamt about going to Japan. I therefore enrolled on a 3 year shiatsu course and began practising this amazingly relaxing treatment alongside my work with children.

Then my personal life became more complicated and stressful and I developed severe shoulder pains. None of my shiatsu friends lived locally to give me a treatment and it was at that point that another friend suggested I tried acupuncture. This sounded like a good idea, especially since shiatsu and acupuncture are based on the same Chinese theory of meridians. I was however a little apprehensive about the needles! My first treatment was very profound, not only did my shoulder pain begin to go but I felt much more positive about my life in general. It was light bulb moment. Now I knew what I wanted to do – train to become an acupuncturist. Within 6 months I had signed up for a 3 year course on acupuncture. Plus I had made the important decision that once I had completed my training I would become a full time acupuncturist (plus offering shiatsu as well).

Training and Qualifications

I embarked on a 3 year degree in acupuncture at the College of Traditional Acupuncture in Warwickshire and have a degree in acupuncture from Oxford Brookes University. I also have a Diploma in Shiatsu from the European Shiatsu School.