Acupuncture ups IVF success rate

ivf and acupuncture at Worcester Acupuncture

Acupuncture ups IVF success!

Would you like to up your IVF success rate? This is good news for women about to embark on IVF!

Had one failed IVF and want to improve your IVF success rate?

According to an article in the Chinese Medicine Times acupuncture has been found to increase live birth rates for women receiving IVF. Researchers discovered that acupuncture increase the chances of producing a successful pregnancy for women receiving acupuncture. This is especially true if acupuncture is used both before and after embryo transfer.  In my clinic I use specially devised protocols both before and after embryo transfer.

However acupuncture is also useful during all the stages of IVF.

  • It helps to improve blood flow to the uterus and improve womb lining.
  • Acupuncture can help to balance the immune system.
  • Help reduce the side effects of IVF medication.

Many women have found acupuncture to be especially helpful when they are going through IVF.

I couldn’t recommend Worcester Acupuncture highly enough to anyone struggling to conceive or going through stressful IVF procedures. I was put quickly at ease and helped me to prepare mentally and physically for my fertility treatments. I’m sure it was a key factor in the success of my cycle as I felt more relaxed and positive after sessions RJ (see testimonials).

If you want to improve your success rate for IVF  then please consider a course of acupuncture to run alongside your IVF treatment. For a normal course of IVF that equates to 6 acupuncture treatments. Please phone me on 07919930188 for an appointment today!

The research was carried out by members of the Oregon College of Oriental Medicine, Northwest Centre for Reproductive Sciences and University of Washington The study design was a retrospective analysis and the research was carried out at a private infertility clinic (no longer available)