Back Pain Relief

back pain relief

Back pain can affect anyone at any age

Most people will suffer from it at some point in their lives. Indeed back pain is the  UK’ s leading cause of disability and one of the main reasons for work- related absences from work. Much back pain is muscular-skeletal in origin. However if back pain persists then visit your doctor to confirm the cause. There are a number of things which you can do to help with back pain relief.

There are a number of things you can do for yourself if you are experiencing back pain.

Here are 7 top top for back pain relief:

  • Limit bed rest – most experts now agree that staying in bed, lying down or being inactive for long periods of time is bad for your back and may even delay recovery
  • Keep exercising –  initially this may be painful but aim to do some exercise every day – this may begin as a gently walk around the house and then expand to walking to  the local shops. 
  • Improve your posture – It is really helpful to always have your back straight. Learn how to have good posture all the time–whether you’re standing, sitting, or even sleeping! Good posture is an easy and very important way to maintain a healthy mind and body. When you practice correct posture, your body is in alignment with itself. This can alleviate common problems such as back or neck pain, headaches, and fatigue. Being in good general health and standing (or sitting) tall will also boost your bearing and self confidence. Learning the Alexander technique may be helpful
  • Improve your core strength – walking, swimming, yoga and pilates are all good forms of exercise to help keep your back strong and healthy. The important thing is to chose an activity that you enjoy
  • Improve your flexibility – swim like a fish – swimming is one of the best workouts you can do for a bad back. Not only does it open up stiff and sore muscles but your heart gets a great aerobic workout too.
  • Get a dog! Getting a pet has two benefits for relieving back pain. First, it has been medically proven that owning a pet can lower blood pressure and relieve tension. Second, having a dog means you might need to get outside and walk Fido. Dog owners tend to spend more time outdoors and receive more exercise. So grab that leash and go for a long walk.
  • Acupuncture – has been recommended by NICE since 2009 as a cost-effective  treatment for lower back pain.

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