Breech Presentation

preganant womanDuring pregnancy as the baby grows, there is less and less space in the uterus for the baby to move about in. Eventually the baby’s head becomes heavier than its bottom and at around 32 weeks the baby begins to sink down, head first into the pelvis and gets ready for birth. However some babies fail to do so. If a baby remains bottom down in breech position then a caesarian section becomes the most likely means of delivery.

Traditional Chinese Medicine has developed a technique to assist with re-positioning the baby at around 36 to 37 weeks. This involves the application of a moxa stick to a point on the little toe bi-laterally for 20 minutes, once a day for ten days. This requires one visit to the acupuncturist, who carries out an initial treatment and shows you how to use the moxa sticks. The woman is then given a handout containing advice on how to carry out the treatment and sufficient moxa sticks to carry out the treatment at home.

Debra Betts in her helpful book Acupuncture in Pregnancy and Childbirth observes that:

“It is my observation that the effect of moxa on Bl 67 is to encourage the baby to move into – and remain in – the best possible position for birth, rather than to merely stimulate the baby to become active. I therefore always complete the ten day treatment cycle, even if the baby has turned to the correct position. This prevents the baby from turning back into a breech position. Continuing moxa once the baby has turned has proven to be the most effective treatment method in my practice, although it contradicts the commonly held belief that continued moxibustion will causes the baby to revert to its original breech position. I have seen several women who, on confirming with their midwife that their baby is no longer breech, discontinued moxibustion, only to have the baby turn back to a breech position. I have als had no reports from my patients (or from the midwives to whom I have taught this procedure) of a baby who, have successfully turned, turned back to breech when the woman continued using moxibustion to complete the ten day treatment cycle”

She does suggest that if the baby has indeed turned then it is possible to reduce the amount of time spent applying moxa to 10 minutes each day until the ten days are up.

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