Fertility awareness

national fertility awareness week 2015Fertility Awareness Week this year is from November 2 – 8th November 2015. The Infertility Network UK estimates that 1 in 6 couples have problems conceiving. For some people there may be a medical reason why they are failing to conceive but for many more their problems are put down as “unexplained”. This diagnosis around fertility can feel very unsatisfactory – especially if they then go on to have IVF and are still unsuccessful. Some may well go on to have children naturally – others may go down the egg/sperm donor route – some adopt – others remain childless. For all those involved this can be a very stressful time. So whatever stage you are at with your fertility, here are some helpful fertility awareness tips:

  • One of the most important things is to have lots of sex. According to statistics if you have regular, unprotected sex for a year, about 84% of couples will get pregnant.

Expert Fertility Advice

The expert advice from NICE, the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence, is to have sex every two to three days throughout the month.  The guidelines say you don’t need to time sex to coincide with the days when a woman in ovulating.”Prioritise sex – make time for it in the proper sense, as in ‘make it important and don’t just diary it in as another thing to do’,” says Emma Cannon, author of The Baby Making Bible.

Another key factor in fertility awareness is to know your cycle

Even though the advice is regular sex throughout the month, it’s important to know your cycle. You only get a baby when a sperm meets an egg and that egg only comes usually once a month, around day 14 in your cycle.

The egg only survives for a day or two, so there’s only a limited window each month during which you can actually get pregnant. It’s probably around six days.

You are likely to have better quality sperm if you have sex regularly, so continue to do so throughout the month, but realise that the most fertile time is around the time of ovulation.

If you have an irregular cycle or feel you need extra help, then  ovulation prediction kits can be helpful for finding out when you are most fertile. However don’t become obsessed with doing it “at the right time” – make it fun.

Heathy Diet

Having a healthy diet and lifestyle are also important in relation to fertility awareness – sometimes couples go down the IVF route when they could make lifstyle changes instead. Aim for regular exercise and a balanced diet. Make sure you are eating fresh fruit and vegetables from lots of differenc colour groups. Make sure that you are getting key vitamins and minerals in your diet, such as zinc and folic acid

Acupuncture can be helpful for fertility issues both male and female

It aims to:

*improve egg quality

*improve embryo quality

*improve the quality of the endometrium

*reduce unwanted side effects of drugs

* regulate hormones

* strengthen the immune system

* improve sperm

Acupuncture can also help with specific issues such as PCOS, endometriosis and miscarriage and is a useful tool in fertility awareness

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