IVF and acupuncture

IVF and Acupuncture

Acupuncture could dramatically boost the chances of IVF treatment working, a study, by Homerton University Hospital in London, suggests.

IVF and acupuncture by Worcester Acupuncture

According to an article in The Telegragh this British study found that rates of success were twice as high among those having acupuncture. Fertility experts said the findings were interesting and statistically significant.

160 couples took part in the trial. One year on, those who had acupuncture achieved pregnancy rates of 46.2 per cent. Among those who had not had acupuncture, pregnancy rates were just 21.7 per cent.

So how can acupuncture help with IVF?

  • Acupuncture aims to help with the blood flow to the ovaries during the stimulation phase. In my acupuncture practice I use a series of different treatments corresponding to the different phases of your IVF cycle.
  • It also helps to improve blood flow to the uterus and improve womb lining. This is key for helping with implantation
  • Acupuncture can help to balance the immune system. This can also be important for implantation.
  • It helps to reduce the side effects of IVF medication
  • It can help to relieve stress and anxiety around the whole IVF proceedures.
  • Acupuncture can help to generally relax the body so that you feel more supported during your IVF treatment

Having Acupuncture during my IVF treatment

There is a different treatment plan for each of the phases of IVF. This usually means you have 4 treatments:

  • During down regulation
  • During stimulation
  • Pre transfer
  • Post transfer

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