New Year baby tips

new year new baby tips from Worcester AcupunctureWell here we are in 2016. Many of us will be wondering what the New Year will bring. Some will be hoping that 2016 will be the year of the baby. So to help you on your way I have compiled a list of Top New year baby tips.

1. Take a breath. Some women conceive as soon as they decide to have a baby -for others it will take longer. The average time to conception once couples decide to try for a baby is 8 months, if you are older then it can take up to a year. So try not to stress or compare yourself with your friends. Enjoy the “trying”.

2. If you are feeling stressed then why not try a relaxation technique such as meditation or yoga.

3. Take some time to review your lifestyle – what is your work/life balance like?Why not make some “me” time by coming to have an acupuncture treatment. Not only will it boost your hormone system but it will provide a stress-free hour of relaxation. Phone Angela on 07919930188 to book an appointment now. To find out more about how acupuncture helps with fertility click here

4. Eat healthy. The New Year can be a good time to  take control of your eating habits. Nutrition is an important key in the new year baby tips. Eating a rainbow is a good starting point.

5. Know your cycle. Learn about the importance of monitoring your fertility secretions and have sex regularly. Also consider having a health check for both yourself and your partner to make sure everything is functioning at its optimum.