Shiatsu? It isn’t a dog, it’s a massage treatment

Acupressure point from Shiatsu. Try Worcester Acupuncture

How can shiatsu help you?

Shiatsu seeks to:

  • Relax your mind and body
  • Balance your energy
  • Enhance your well being
  • Help to maintain good health

Shiatsu? What’s in a name?

Shiatsu is a traditional hands-on Japanese energetic bodywork art.  It is much more than a massage. Shiatsu is based on the meridian system (or energy pathways)  used in acupuncture but using finger pressure not needles. I often call it join the dot acupuncture!

In Japanese shi means finger and atsu means pressure

How does shiatsu work?

Shiatsu aims to gently adjust the body’s structure. It uses stretches and rotations to unblock the meridians or energy pathways. It seeks to promote the harmony essential for good health.

What happens in a treatment?

A treatment lasts for about an hour It is carried out fully clothed on a futon (Japanese mattress) on the floor. It can also be performed on a treatment couch if you are unable to access the floor.

Please wear loose fitting clothing – jogging type clothes are ideal.

Do not eat a big meal beforehand.

What people say

Shiatsu and acupuncture have been invaluable in bringing increasing health, happiness and balance into my life and I fully recommend Angela as a dedicated, intuitive and empassioned practitioner of these therapies.

JR 2011

Seeing Angela regularly for shiatsu and acupuncture has helped me immensely with the management of my long term health condition. She is a creative and flexible therapist and our sessions have a strong restorative effect, always leaving me feeling better and with a feeling of integration.

LS 2011

I was feeling ‘out of balance’ after my fall on the stairs.. The muscles had tensed up in my back to protect the injury –
So this was a lovely experience. When a skilled practitioner presses a point in your foot and you feel a small electric shock in your side…. So Bottom line – I’m a convert! It was SO gentle that I was urging her to ‘press harder’

But as enjoyable and relaxing as the session was – it was the buzz that I experienced in the car afterwards that was remarkable. I sat for over 30 minutes – completely motionless and let my body – put itself right. Felt buzzing – almost glowing. Fabulous !