Starting IVF

About to start IVF by Worcester AcupunctureStarting IVF?

Feeling overwhelmed and anxious about starting IVF? Many women embarking on fertility treatment never imagined that their fertility journey would involve IVF. It can seem quite daunting and rather unnatural.

So what are the best ways to prepare when you are starting IVF?

  1. IVF is not just a physical process but an emotional journey as well.  Having someone to talk to can be helpful. This is one of the reasons acupuncture can be useful. A therapist can provide a discreet listening ear as well as their therapy.
  2. It may feel as though you are putting your life on hold, waiting for hospital appointments etc. Aim to factor in some spontaneous treats for yourself and your partner.
  3. Look at your diet. Try not to eat too late at night. There are a number of fertility cookbooks out there including Zita West’s IVF Diet Book 
  4. Get an overview of your whole treatment, especially if you are a naturally anxious person. Are you doing long or short protocol? Approximately how many hospital visits will be involved?  Anything that helps you to feel more in control is useful.
  5. Try acupuncture – Acupuncture aims to help with the blood flow to the ovaries and uterus. It also helps with anxiety issues. In my acupuncture practice I use a series of different treatments corresponding to the different phases of your IVF cycle.
  6. Don’t neglect the mind/body connection. Anything that helps you to remain as positive as possible throughout the process is to be encouraged. Yoga, meditation, a walk in the park, a relaxing acupuncture treatment or  watching favourite films or reading a good book can all be helpful.
  7. Visualising your body in a positive way. Imagining each of the different aspects of treatment and especially visualizing the end result can have a powerful influence on your attitude to the whole experience.