ET 2017

I went into labour on Monday evening and successfully managed to have a natural birth Tuesday! I'm so pleased and was so relieved to avoid another section. Thank you so much for your help and support. My husband and I...Read More

CP 2012

I had a really lovely pregnancy and am so happy that she is finally here! Thank you so much for your help, support and encouragement during my sessions. You played a key part in this wonderful success story and if...Read More

LB 2014

Thank you helping us bring our beautiful baby daughter into the world.

EW 2013

Just letting you know that the acupuncture worked and he came out yesterday! I’m really sure the treatment got things moving as it all started happening after the treatment, preparing my body, so thank!

MU 2013

I had suffered two miscarriages and was anxious about getting pregnant again in case it happened again. I had acupuncture sessions with Angela before trying to get pregnant again and I’m really glad I did as it helped me to...Read More

CD 2015

Thank you again for all your support and treatments over the past few months. It really made a difference and we are just so thrilled with our little girl.

CC 2016

Went into labour at 4.45 following our appointment at 2pm. Wow!