PM 2018

Just wanted to thank you again for everything you did last year I really believe that the acupuncture helped balance my hormones and helped with the stress of the situation of trying for a baby.

ET 2017

I went into labour on Monday evening and successfully managed to have a natural birth Tuesday! I'm so pleased and was so relieved to avoid another section. Thank you so much for your help and support. My husband and I...Read More


I was feeling ‘out of balance’ after my fall on the stairs.. The muscles had tensed up in my back to protect the injury – So this was a lovely experience. When a skilled practitioner presses a point in your...Read More

BT 2017

I found the exercises and information really helpful

RW 2016

My migraines have improved significantly from most of the time to about once a month. They are also not so intense. I have been able to go back to work which is great.

PM 2017

My shoulder pain decreased significantly after the treatment. I can also use my arm much more. Thank you.

LH 2014

Thank you for all your acupuncture support in getting him here for us - we're so in love with him. You are a miracle worker.

KH 2014

Thank you for all your help and support during our IVF treatment and throughout my pregnancy.

SS 2013

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all of your help, support and expertise throughout our ICSI journey - you played such an important role in helping us to get pregnant and eventually having our baby. We will...Read More

CP 2012

I had a really lovely pregnancy and am so happy that she is finally here! Thank you so much for your help, support and encouragement during my sessions. You played a key part in this wonderful success story and if...Read More

SJ 2012

Thank you for all your help over the past few months, I couldn’t have gone through it all without you.

JR 2011

Shiatsu and acupuncture have been invaluable in bringing increasing health, happiness and balance into my life and I fully recommend Angela as a dedicated, intuitive and empassioned practitioner of these therapies.