Travel Tips

relaxIf you are off on holiday soon here are some useful travel tips:

Stay Hydrated

We can often mistake thirst for hunger, so drinking water can help stave off hunger pangs. Especially in the drying environment of the airplane, water can do wonders. Staying hydrated also keeps you feeling fresher during your journey. This is also true for car or train journeys, so make sure you have a bottle of water to hand however you are planning to travel.

Keeping fresh

To keep your clothes smelling fresh as a daisy, line your case with scented drawer liners. Simple yet effective.

Carry baby wipes / facewipes. These are great to freshen up with when travelling whether by plane, train or car

Healthy snacking

If you’re a planner, bring snacks from home. Nuts, seeds, apples, protein bars and baby carrots are all good healthy snacks.

Have a great time!