Why not try Acupuncture?

Man thinking how to avoid migrainesAre you looking for help to improve your health,vitality and general sense of well being?

Have you been putting up with a health condition for sometime?

Are you trying to conceive?

Are you about to start IVF?

Do you want to give your body an opportunity for its own natural healing powers to start working to take you to a state of health and well being?

We all lead busy lives today and it is all to easy to put health issues on the back burner. Indeed, we are often better at telling others to “get it sorted” than in galvanizing ourselves into taking the action that is needed. Optimum health is a priceless commodity

Why not try acupuncture. This week (Monday 25th February to Friday 1st March 2013) is Acupuncture Awareness Week and this year it is focusing on acupuncture and insomnia.  Acupuncture is safe and gentle approach. Most clients are surprised by how little they fell as the needles are inserted. I use very fine(hair thin) single use disposable needles, which are used to stimulate points on the energy pathways (meridians) with the aim of balancing the body’s natural defences.

Acupuncture may help

Through acupuncture I seek to:

  • give you a sense of empowerment that there are indeed natural solutions to your current health problems
  • encourage you to be proactive about your health and treat it as top priority for the rest of your life.

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