Ear Acupuncture

ear acupuncture

What’s new at Worcester Acupuncture? Recently I went on an ear acupuncture course. This is an integrated style of acupuncture using the external ear as a means of diagnosis and treatment. One of the interesting ways to look at the ear is to see it as an inverted foetus. This has led to its use in acupuncture as a source of points for helping with fertility.

Auricular acupuncture (as ear acupuncture is known) comes from 2 distinct roots – French and Chinese. In France Dr Paul Nogier systemised and developed auricular acupuncture in the 1950’s to develop the model of the ear based on an upside down foetus. These findings were published in a book in 1957. Following on from this the Chinese Army in 1958 took Nogier’s work and began a massive study using members of the army. As a result of their work they mapped many of the acupuncture points found on the body onto the ear. Then in 1972 a Hong Kong neurosurgeon discovered the use of ear acupuncture in treating drug addicition. It is for this latter use that auricular acupuncture is mainly used in the West. However the fact that many of the acupuncture points found on the body can also be located in the ear makes it ideal for using in fertiilty work.

One of the other great things about using auricular acupuncture is it allows for points to be stimulated without the acupuncturist needing to be present! This is done through the use of ear seeds. These do not pierce the skin but are small seeds attached to the ear by means of micropore tape. When these are gently rubbed or pressed by the wearer, they stimulate the particular acupuncture point chosen by the acupuncturist. They are particularly good for stress related issues, such as in interview situations. However, they are very helpful during fertility treatment, which can often be very stressful for the woman involved.

My course was very informative and I now have a much bigger range of acupuncture points that I can use in the treatment of fertility issues. Feedback from current clients has been positive.

If you would like to know more, especially if you are feeling stressed, then please feel free to call Angela on 07919 930188.