Treating pain from sports injuries

Treating pain for sports injuries helpful tips from Worcester AcupunctureTreating pain from sports injuries:

This year Acupuncture Awareness Week is focusing on treating pain from sports injuries. The British Acupuncture Council commissioned a special report to look at how people treat pain from sports injuries.

Here are some interesting facts from the report which I would like to share with you

  • Almost 3 in 5(56%) people say they take oral painkillers
  • Nearly one third (32%) turn to ice and heat packs
  • Only 11% opt for acupuncture – is this because people dislike needles if so visit my video 

So how should you go about treating  pain from sports injuries – well ice and heat can certainly be helpful

PRICE is a very good tool for treating pain from sports injuries

  • Protect – protect your injuries – I can show you how to use special sports tape to help with this
  • Rest – this does not necessarily mean doing no exercise – if you have a shoulder injury you can still walk or jog
  • Ice – this can be good to apply straight after an injury
  • Compression – make sure any bandage you use is snug but not too tight
  • Elevate – use gravity to help reduce swelling, inflammation and pain

Ok so you’ve done all this then what?

This is when you might want to consider adding acupuncture to your treatment regime

Acupuncture has been shown to

  • help reduce pain and swelling
  • increase blood flow to promote recovery and restore movement at the site of the injury


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