Acupuncture and Anxiety

Cairn at the seaside illustrating relaxation and stress reductionAnxiety comes in many forms – sometimes it manifests as phobias, sometimes as panic attacks. Whatever its form anxiety can itself make us even more anxious. Acupuncture and anxiety are good partners. Acupuncture works to help maintain your body’s equilibrium which anxiety works to destabilise. Anxiety may manifest as sleep problems. Acupuncture can help to generate more restful sleep patterns.

I am very pleased to tell you about an exciting new service for the relief of anxiety with myself and Sally Coombs of Inner Mind Therapies.

The service consists of 5 sessions – 3 Hypnotherapy and anxiety sessions with Sally and 2 Acupuncture and anxiety sessions with me -all for only £200.
These sessions aim to help release anxiety, encourage calmness, confidence and relaxation and improve wellbeing.
Our integrated approach offers:

  • a confidential and professional service from 2 experienced therapists
  • sessions tailored to your individual needs
  • the combined benefits of physical and emotional therapies working in conjunction with each other

better value than paying for these therapies separately
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