fertilityAnother blog post focusing on fertility for National Fertility Awareness week

Here at Worcester Acupuncture I believe it is important to take as broad an approach as possible to Fertility. That is why I have joined with hypnotherapist Sally Coombs to form Worcester Therapies. We each have an appreciation and understanding of our respective therapies and of the benefits of combining these therapies. Both of us specialise and have a passion for supporting people with fertility issues. Although acupuncture is more concerned with the physical aspects of fertility it has a profound effect on the whole body/mind axis. Hypnotherapy can be very helpful in restructuring negative thought patterns and emotions. In Chinese medicine thoughts are regarded as energy, waiting to be used skilfully through our emotions. Sometimes, however our emotions are so strong that they work against ourselves to weaken and block the energy flow around the body. Trying for a baby is a very emotional experience . It may bring up issues for couples around their own childhood experiences. Plus women often feel pressured because of their age. At Worcester Therapies we seek to help women and men to address specific issues and to promote physical and emotional relaxation and re-balance.

Our aims are:

  • to empower your fertility journey and beyond
  • help to create a healthy lifestyle environment to encourage improved fertility
  • Foster a feeling of being nurtured and taken care of so that you can learn to deeeply care for yourself

This partnership offers:

  • A thorough and individual assessment
  • Flexible and individualised sessions tailored to your needs either as a stand-alone service,
    or as a complement to medical approaches including IVF
  • A holistic approach to fertility working with you physically, emotionally and mentally to enhance your ability to conceive
  • The combined benefits of both Angela and Sally’s experience, skills and knowledge
  • Post IVF and pregnancy support
  • A light, spacious and relaxing space for sessions at Worcester Therapies

To find out more about our tailored approach please contact Angela on 07919 930188