Getting pregnant at 40

getting pregnant at 40Getting Pregnant at 40

Do you sometimes feel that pregnancy is only for the under 40’s? So much has been written about the difficulties of getting pregnant at 40 that some of you may feel that it an almost impossible dream – equivalent to climbing Mount Everest.

This, however, is to take a very bleak outlook Yes it may have been easier to get pregnant when you were younger but we don’t live in an ideal world. We need to start where we are.

So here are some top tips to help with getting pregnant at 40:

  • Please try not to stress that you have left it too late etc. Investigate ways to manage stress – yoga, meditation, running or a stress busting course can all help.
  • Look at your work/life balance. Make sure you schedule me time into your daily routine.                                         Whether thats a quiet sit down with a book, a walk in the park or a relaxing massage put it in the diary
  • Do more of what you enjoy – time out with friends, taking up a hobby
  • Switch off from work when you get home –  have a relaxing bath, watch your favourite TV show
  • Make time for sex  Look at ways to make sex more fun and enjoyable and not just about baby making
  • Try acupuncture – it works to improve with blood flow to the ovaries and uterus. It may also help with stress and    beta-endorphine release. Plus your acupuncturist can provide help and support along your fertility journey.            Contact Angela now
  • Work on improving your diet – look after your gut – invest in a fertility cook book such as  Zita West’s                       Eat Yourself Pregnant   or Emma Cannon’s Fertile