Make holiday time – stress free time

Make holiday time – stress free time

making holiday time - stress free time by Worcester Acupuncture orcester Acupuncture
Make holiday time – stress free time

So here we are in July, which is often seen as the start of the holiday season. Perhaps you are looking forward to long hot days, children breaking up from school, meeting up with friends and family. Or perhaps the thought of all these just ups your stress levels! Even those who really look forward to the summer time may have the odd stress about some aspect of going on holiday. If this is you then help is at hand. I have compiled a useful list of my favourite holiday and travel tips. So here are some tips to make holiday time – stress free time:

  • Begin by switching off from work :
    • turn off your work phone and email alerts
    • make sure your work is being covered
    • set up meetings in good time for when you return
  • Preparing for your holiday
    • prepare all your holiday details in advance – flight times etc
    • if you are going by car make sure you have all your car documents and fill up with fuel!
    • sort out train/plane tickets, passports etc
    • make lists for packing
    • buy some snacks to take with you – this is cheaper than buying at airports & service stations and saves time queuing
    • make sure you stay hydrated – it will also help you to sleep better so lowering your stress levels
  • Before you go why not schedule a stress busting acupuncture or shiatsu treatment. To find out how acupuncture or shiatsu can help click on the words to find out more
  • Enjoy yourself
    • Before you even leave the house visualize yourself having an amazing time
    • Imagine how happy and relaxed you will feel
  • Whilst you are on holiday:
    • don’t overschedule your days
    • allow space in your plans for rest and relaxation
    • just being rather than doing

Have a great time!